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More Information On Notre Dame

Every one of use has at least heard something about the Notre Dame because it has been in existence from the fourteenth century. The Notre Dame is an important site because this was where coronations took place. UNESCO recognized the value of Notre Dame and had it marked as a world heritage site. It is sad that the glory of Notre Dame was to come to an end early this year. The Notre Dame was almost brought to an end by a fire, and this has been in the media ever since. A lot of investigations have been done to look into what happened to the Notre Dame, and we will be giving a summary of the events in this article.

You would be surprised to learn that the fire that almost destroyed the cathedral did not start on the fateful day, but was the aftermath of a mistake made at the turn of the century. Some years ago, various firefighters and architects came together and came up with standard safety measures for the cathedral seeing as none were in place. If the Notre Dame were at the time constructed with polycarbonate translucent wall panels, maybe there would have been no need for safety precautions at the time. The team discussed installing an automatic sprinkler system in the attic, but later voted against it because this would have interfered with the original design of the cathedral. No one at the time thought that this would be the mistake that almost brought down the Notre Dame.

Respondents took too long to realize that there was an actual fire in the cathedral, and this may have been avoided if translucent wall panels were used in its construction. On the fateful day, a new security guard was sent to investigate what had caused the fire alarm to go off, but he would not confirm there was a fire until it was too late.

When the security guards finally notified the firefighters, it was too late, and the fire was impossible to put out from the inside. The cathedral’s spire had weakened owing to the fire, causing the roof to collapse, which is why firefighters were asked to evacuate before much was done. A lot of hours passed before the fire was brought under control.

There were varying ideas on the reconstruction of the cathedral. There were various suggestions on the use of modern architecture such as the use of translucent wall panels, but there were people for the idea that the cathedral maintains its original design. Most people were of the opinion that polycarbonate translucent wall panels be used. The polycarbonate translucent wall panels received a lot of attention because they would allow the cathedral to unfold into an open-air gathering. The translucent wall panel idea was shot down after a majority of officials opted for the restoration of the cathedral’s original design. The plans for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame are still underway.