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Software testing is among the important stages of developing a software. Recognition of error is basically the function of testing. Every testing process should be done before testing begins and should be based on the customers requirements. The testing process is executed by a person known as a tester or a group of testers. There are various testing methods depending on the software tester, the testing can be of either structural or functional features of a software View the following testing method categories below.

More on the software testing methods is the unit testing. Unit testing being the basic testing of a software is done to identify the syntax and the logic errors in a program and the codes that make the program. This may be done by a single tester or a group of testers to ensure that there is no room for future errors. It is advisable to correct the errors immediately they are identified. Ensure that all errors are eliminated in the unit testing stage.

Integration testing is the next category of testing since the tested units are grouped together to perform a particular function. Integration testing errors can originate from poor testing at the unit testing stage or an error that occurs while integrating the various programs. Every unit should compatible to the other and also be able to work together as a group of units. System testing is another category that comes behind the integration testing it the testing of whole software system on the client’s computer. The functionality of the system is done in their category of software testing methods.

More on software testing categories is the interface testing. Users are asked on their opinion about the interface of the software and whether they can click the buttons in the interface. This interface should always be simple to understand and use and the interface of a software should be attractive and maybe used even to market the software developer. the software developed is tested whether it meets the requirements and does it please the users and the managers of the organization. The acceptance testing is done by interviewing the users of the software system and the owners or the shareholders of the organization.

Non-functionality testing is done for the performance factor. Adding a lot of work to the software system and checking its performance is one basic way of non-functionality testing. Recovery testing should be done in order to reduce the cost of maintenance of a software and should be done after all testing is done. A software cannot be used on the users computer of this company if it is not compatible to the computer system available, always check the existing systems before developing a software. Basing all the testing on the above categories is highly advisable for amateur and professional testers.